Camera and Editing (selection)

Wir sind Juden aus Breslau | documentary | 107min | ger/pol/usa/isr 2016

Solteros | feature film | 94min | morocco/spain 2014

Plötzlich war da Schnee | documentary | 74min | germany 2013

Warum Mädchen Rosa tragen | documentary | 30min | germany 2009

Es geht nicht nur um unsere Haut | documentary | 81min| germany 2007


Liebe mich! | feature film | 80min | germany 2014

Reuber | feature film | 70min | germany 2013

Papa Gold | feature film | 77min | germany 2011

Shorts (selection)

Tour de Dream | Producer, Director, Camera, Editing | romania 2010

Nale | Director, Camera | greece 2008

Wooden Waltz | Producer, Director, Camera, Editing | hungary 2006

Tomorrow | Director, Camera | slovenia 2005

Other Shorts...

Take Seven a young film collective founded by Tobias Rahm and meeting once a week in Berlin Schöneberg since 2006. We're educating ourself in film history, film theory and practice sreenwriting, shooting, editing and organizing media projects.  Click here for more information

REC Filmfestival

The "REC Filmfestival" is a film festival for films made by youngsters and students up to 27yrs taking place every year in Berlin. 4 days of film program, competitions and workshops at the historical cinema of the UFA Fabrik. Tobias Rahm is the technical director and organizer of this festival. Visit the festival homepage for further information

Museen Tempelhof-Schöneberg

Since 2011 Tobias Rahm is the cameraman and editor for dozens of videos for the "Museen Tempelhof-Schöneberg". From audiovisual media content integrated in various exhibitions over PR videos to project related documentary films...


Villa Global - the next generation | Trailer for an exhibition

Schwerbelastungskörper vol. 2 - 13 Künstler | documentary